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Our Story

So how did Sola come to be? We’re glad you asked!

It all started with Chef Ryan. He was inspired to create Sola when he was tasked to come up with a delicious low-carb, no- added-sugar menu—for a party with hundreds on the guest list. His dishes wowed the crowd—and convinced his low-carb clients they no longer had to give up on the rich flavors they love. Ryan decided to help with the clients’ day-to-day menus, and searched for keto bagels, keto bread, and low carb products in grocery stores—but alas, he couldn't find any that met his rigorous standards. 

Refusing to compromise on taste, Ryan created Sola in 2012, starting with his own keto bread, keto granola, and bagels, boasting flavors that impressed everyone—even the skeptics. Ryan teamed up with a pastry chef, to make our baked goods even tastier. No R&D labs here—as other functional nutrition brands do! 

Together, they came up with the taste profiles you know and love today from Sola that have the added benefit of being made with non-GMO ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Our yummy low carb products include keto bagels in all your favorite flavors, keto friendly bread that’s utterly delicious, phenomenally fluffy keto buns, and the greatest low carb granola.

In short? Sola makes staying on track easy thanks to our low carb products that don’t sacrifice on taste.  

Why Choose Sola?

  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  • Keto certified
  • 4g-16g of Protein per serving
  • 4g-24g of Dietary Fiber per serving
  • Chef crafted
  • Many delicious flavor options

Chef Ryan

"I started The Sola Company because I wanted to make a difference and help others achieve great health through better food choices using the knowledge I have gained. Using my culinary skills in low-carb cooking, I help create chef developed products, which are not only low-carb but also taste amazing."