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Sola Bagels

You have to bite it to believe it. Fantastically flavorful, Sola™ keto bagels maintain the fluffy, chewy texture you love. Plus, each keto certified bagel boasts 15g or more of protein, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and is Non-GMO. Brighten your day with a keto friendly bagel and your favorite topping.

Sola™ keto bagels are made fresh weekly. Freeze your low carb bagels for up to 6 months—we recommend doing so shortly after receiving and removing from the freezer as needed.

    Sola Bagels
    27 reviews

    Everything Bagels

    1 review

    Bagel Best Sellers Variety

    30 reviews

    Blu-Berry Bagels

    2 reviews

    Pizza Bagels

    6 reviews

    Jalapeño Cheddar Bagels

    10 reviews

    Sweet & Buttery Bagels

    11 reviews

    Chocolatey Chip Bagels

    23 reviews

    Plain Bagels


    Sola Sampler